• Insurance

    Expat Counseling Center has opted not to work with health insurance companies to ensure complete confidentiality and flexibility. However, depending on your insurance coverage, partial reimbursement for the sessions may be possible.  Please contact your insurance company to find out what their reimbursement policies are. Keep in mind that couples therapy is generally not covered by insurance.

    For business owners, sessions are tax deductible.

  • Complaints procedure

    Expat Counseling Center commits itself to providing maximum quality care to our clients. We take complaints or any other comments about our care and services very seriously. We view all complaints as an opportunity to improve our services and the care we deliver. We truly regret if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service. For more information regarding our complaints procedure, please read here. 

  • Process of Therapy

    A safe and secure relationship between client and therapist is essential for a successful therapy. After a brief telephone call, your therapist will send you our registration form and our Terms & Conditions (which includes our privacy policy and cancellation policy)  and an appointment will be made for the initial assessment. This session will be used to establish a therapeutic relationship and to determine your goals for therapy.

    Together, we will determine the frequency of the sessions. When your situation has stabilised, the frequency of sessions can be reduced. At any time, if you feel that you are finished with therapy, let us know. It's best to plan for termination and exchange feedback before stopping. Some clients come frequently for long periods of time due to ongoing stressful situations, others come to therapy to solve a particular problem which may be finished in a few sessions.

    The frequency and duration of your therapy depends on your needs and what you are working on. Due to the uniqueness of each individual, we are unable to predict or guarantee a specific outcome or result.